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Looking for a movie to see tonight or this weekend? This month is packed with highly anticipated movies. From action-packed movies to comedy and kids movies, there is a surprising lot to choose from this week at the movie theatre. Hence it becomes difficult to decide what movie to watch. You would want to know when spending your money. To make it easier for you, we have listed the best movies to see in theatres this week.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

If you are planning to take your kids out this weekend, then you should consider watching The LEGO 2. YESMovies! The Lego movie is back, with its heroes to save their city from the invaders of outer space. It is a funny and warm-hearted watch. With its incredibly funny jokes and catchy songs that will be stuck in your head, it is awesome. It really has everything in it, from animation, live action to space adventure. Not just the kids, it is an entertaining watch for all ages and has a taste for both the boys and girls.

Cold Pursuit

Sometimes the only thing that you need to sell you on a movie is the name of an actor appearing in it. No matter who the director is or what the story is, when you see that certain actor, you are convinced that you are going to watch that movie for sure.

Cold Pursuit on 123movies, remake of a 2014 Norwegian thiller In Order of Disappearance, stars Liam Neeson, who plays the role of Nels Coxmon, a snowplow driver of a ski town of Kehoe. His life is turned upside down following the mysterious death of his son. His search for justice turns into revengeful hunt of a drug lord, killing many of his associates getting in his way. Hence it is a deceptive action thriller like the other revenge movies of Neeson, but turns into a dark comedy. The relationship between Neeson and the drug lord’s child makes this movie an emotional watch.

What Men Want

If you are in for some humor and comedy, you should indeed watch What Men Want on Putlockers. This satirical movie is about a woman who gains the ability to hear men’s thought. It is a gender-driven movie which shows the common atmosphere of most workplaces, the way men treat women in meetings. It depicts what women go through at, in their personal and professional relationships. Hence the movie drives most of its humor from showing hoe Henson’s character navigates through these daily situations. It conveys the frustration of a woman living in a dominant male society and how she should care first and foremost about herself.

So, it’s a great 6/10 movie to watch. It is not an awesome watch, but at the same time not a total waste of time and money. It is recommended for a typical situation watch and a good laugh. For the women, you might just come out feeling good and motivated.